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State Auto-IRAs and Federal Law: “We’ve already stepped on that rake…..”

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Chuck Thulin, a fine ERISA attorney from Seattle, WA, chaired the DOL practitioner panel at the latest (and very successful) annual meeting of the 5 regional TE/GE Councils, in Baltimore.  When I commented that we’d  “been there, done that” when discussing some obscure rule,  he told me of reading of the Russian language version of that… Continue Reading

Green Book Further Outlines Automatic IRA Similarity to 403(b)

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The Green Book, published May 11 by the Treasury Department, contains further details on Obama’s workplace pensions first described in his budget proposals (on which we blogged  in March). See pages 7-9 of the Treasury report for details. It really does create a new scheme of individual pensions, much akin to the 403(b) arrangements of the… Continue Reading

The 403(b) Regs Experience Exposes “401(x)” Weakness

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There has been a discussion circulating around Washington for a number of years about the value of establishing a simplified Defined Contribution retirement system commonly referred to as "401(x)".  This program would create a single defined contribution program with a single set of rules to replace the "alphabet soup" of DC plans currently in existence.… Continue Reading

Obama’s Automatic Workplace Pensions: 403(b) Redux?

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President Obama’s new budget proposes the establishment of a new "Automatic Workplace Pension" (see pages 84 and 85 of the OMB’s budget description and David John’s description at the Heritage Foundation’s site). It is based upon proposals from the Retirement Security Project run by Mark Iwry, David John and William Gale. There is little doubt that… Continue Reading